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It’s almost time…


To celebrate my 26th birthday!


And you’re invited!


But to be completely honest…


This is how I feel:


It’s like totally okay, though.


I mean… This was Britney at 26:


And this is me:


I’d say I’m doing pretty great!


I recently started a new job.


I now have Will in my life.


I’m still skinny.


And I’ve got amazing friends.


So to kick off another great year.


I invite you to join me.


For drinks.

Drinking Pepsi

Choreographed Britney dances.


And lots of smiles and laughs.




So, I hope you say:




Birthday Party Details


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Happy Halloween: Scary Laughs with Ellen

If I had to guess, I’d say that Ellen DeGeneres’ favorite holiday is Halloween! Take a look at Ellen’s epic Nicki Minaj costume this year! I mean… Those boobs!



Furthermore, she gets a rush our of scaring guests on her show throughout the entire year. Take a look at some of her most memorable scares:

There was Taylor Swift.


Selena Gomez.


Adam Levine.


Miley Cyrus.


Sean Hayes.


Emily VanCamp.


Taylor Swift again.


And again.


And again.


And… Again!


And the list of guests goes on and on and on.

Of all the people Ellen has scared over the past few years, my favorite, year-after-year, is her writer Amy. Each Halloween, Ellen sends Amy to a haunted house and films her fear. Amy’s reactions are similar to mine always worth a good laugh.


Check out Amy’s haunted house adventures from the last four years:


2013: Universal Studios Walked Dead Tour


2012: Haunted Hallway at Ellen’s Studio


2011: The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor


2010: Universal Studios Hollywood Haunted House


I hope you enjoyed Ellen’s tricks on Amy as a little treat!

Happy Halloween!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

If you’re in the closet and thinking about coming out… Today’s the day!


Anderson Cooper did it.


Jim Parsons did, too. And he doesn’t care.


Neither does Jane Lynch.


it took time, but Lance Bass finally came out of his doll box closet.


So did Neil Patrick Harris. Rock on!


Listen, the hardest part is telling your parents.


At first, they might think it’s just a phase.


It’s not.


Some may think it makes them cool. It does.


But, most parents just don’t care.




In the end, your parents will always love you.


Next, tell your friends.


They probably already know.


Your friends also don’t care.


I mean… Britney went gay once.


Almost twice.


And we all know about Ricky Martin.


Simply put… Just be proud of who you are!


Congratulations on being out! Next up… Equality for all.


And remember… It gets better!

The Shade Continues… Selena Gomez Mocks Miley Cyrus

Forget Britney and Christina… We have a new Disney starlets feud on our hands!

Check out this image of Selena Gomez at the premiere of Getaway in Los Angeles on Monday.



She’s blatantly mocking Miley Cyrus… And it’s amazing!

I don’t want to sway the votes (see poll below), but I’m all for Selena Gomez.




See my post Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Hate Miley Cyrus for more on this impending feud.

Lady Gaga Too Tired After VMAs To Open Car Door

After Lady Gaga bust her bare ass off on the MTV VMA stage, the absolute last thing she wanted to do was open a car door for herself. 

Makes total sense, right?

Here we see her go in for the grab like a normal person until she realizes


“Fuck it, I’m Lady Gaga! I live for the applause… Get that damn door for me!”

lady gaga car door


To be fair, she was probably tired from dancing during the entire broadcast…

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Hate Miley Cyrus

You have to see this video these GIFs (update: the original video has been removed from YouTube by Viacom).

It’s pretty clear that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez hate Miley Cyrus. They can’t help but laugh at her tasteless performance, which actually makes me like both of them even more.

Stars, they’re just like us.


Taylor’s like… “I can’t. I’m so innocent.”

Taylor Swift Couldn't Handle Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke's VMAs Performance


Then Taylor’s like… “Wait, is she for real?”

Taylor Swift Couldn't Handle Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke's VMAs Performance


Then Taylor, Selena and everyone in the world was like… “Holy fuck! Did she just…?”

Taylor Swift Couldn't Handle Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke's VMAs Performance


And, of course, Rihanna was like… “Bitch is trash.”


Check out my Instagram feed on the right for photos and videos from inside the VMAs.

Finally! We Can All Relate to Lady Gaga Now!

Lady Gaga, like the rest of the world, is excited for new Britney music on September 17!



Let the countdown to new Britney music begin!


Gaga’s like…

Yay! New Britney music in 26 days!


Britney’s like…

Aww! You’re sweet!


Gaga’s like…

So, do you like my new song “Applause”?


Britney’s like…



Gaga’s like…

It’s okay… You’re the Queen!


Britney’s like…

Duh! Obviously!

You definitely don’t have the X Factor.