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It’s almost time…


To celebrate my 26th birthday!


And you’re invited!


But to be completely honest…


This is how I feel:


It’s like totally okay, though.


I mean… This was Britney at 26:


And this is me:


I’d say I’m doing pretty great!


I recently started a new job.


I now have Will in my life.


I’m still skinny.


And I’ve got amazing friends.


So to kick off another great year.


I invite you to join me.


For drinks.

Drinking Pepsi

Choreographed Britney dances.


And lots of smiles and laughs.




So, I hope you say:




Birthday Party Details


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New Music: Britney Jean Review


Here’s my song-by-song review (although somewhat bias) in 140 characters or less of Britney Spears‘ eighth album, Britney Jean.

1. Alien
Great song. Haunting vocals. Contagious lyrics. Definitely not Oops 2.0, but good in its own grown up way. Prefer leaked version better.

2. Work Bitch
After listening to the entire album, I think this was a weird first single to release. Especially “for the gays.” Good, but not my fave.

3. Perfume
It took me a while to warm up to Perfume (because I wear cologne), but… I do like it. Vocals are really strong. Lyrics are kinda dumb.

4. It Should Be Easy
Britney? No. Basically auto tune featuring will.i.am. However, I like the verses. “Million billion” gets me every time.

5. Tik Tik Boom
One of the best songs on the album. Should have been first single. Has mass appeal. Much more gay friendly. Less auto tune than normal.

6. Body Ache
The name suggests this song has potential, but it’s just okay. Not the best intro. The first verse is the best. Bad chorus. Okay beat.

7. Til It’s Gone
I liked Til It’s Gone the first time I heard it. Great beat with good lyrics. The intro verse pulls you in immediately. Vegas set list?

8. Passenger
Enter Jesus… The first of a few where Godney comes out, literally. Passenger is good, not great. Vocals are odd. Grew on me over time.

9. Chillin’ With You
IMHO… Maybe one of the dumbest songs I’ve ever heard. Fun and cute collaboration, but it fell flat. Not memorable or exciting.

10. Don’t Cry
Mid tempo ballad. Not bad, but not great. Britney speaks Spanish during the chorus (kinda). TBH… More relatable than Perfume.

11. Brightest Morning Star
And… More Jesus. I was depressed after first listening, but Brightest Morning Star has grown on me. Take it as you will. It is what it is.

12. Hold On Tight
I mean… The Deluxe Holy Edition? Song is, yet again, about Jesus. Strongest Britney vocals of the album, though. Amen.

13. Now That I Found You
Hands down my favorite song on the album. Great beat, great lyrics and great vocals. Should be a single. Club worthy.

14. Perfume (The Dreaming Mix)
No, no. Just no. The original is just okay as it is. Why slow it down? I could have done without this one… Sorry, Britney!

Overall, Britney Jean is okay. I’m not obsessed with any particular song (or songs) which makes me a little sad and suicidal. I was hoping for something better and more… Britney.

The album is also very far from being “personal,” which is how Britney has described it in countless interviews. Not sure if she’s even listened to the album. I can’t help but wonder what the album would have been like if will.i.am didn’t produce it… No one will ever know (unless tracks leak).

I’d say buy the album and give it a listen. Don’t get me wrong… There are a handful of good songs. Some diamonds in the rough, if you will.

Britney Jean is available in both deluxe and standard editions on iTunes.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Happy National Coming Out Day!

If you’re in the closet and thinking about coming out… Today’s the day!


Anderson Cooper did it.


Jim Parsons did, too. And he doesn’t care.


Neither does Jane Lynch.


it took time, but Lance Bass finally came out of his doll box closet.


So did Neil Patrick Harris. Rock on!


Listen, the hardest part is telling your parents.


At first, they might think it’s just a phase.


It’s not.


Some may think it makes them cool. It does.


But, most parents just don’t care.




In the end, your parents will always love you.


Next, tell your friends.


They probably already know.


Your friends also don’t care.


I mean… Britney went gay once.


Almost twice.


And we all know about Ricky Martin.


Simply put… Just be proud of who you are!


Congratulations on being out! Next up… Equality for all.


And remember… It gets better!

New Music: Britney Spears “Work Bitch”

Britney Spears‘ new song is finally here and… It’s amazing!

I will admit that I am very bias, but I have a feeling this will do very well on the charts and impact the future of pop music. It’s Britney, bitch… She’s a legend.

Check out Britney’s “Work Bitch.”

The Shade Continues… Selena Gomez Mocks Miley Cyrus

Forget Britney and Christina… We have a new Disney starlets feud on our hands!

Check out this image of Selena Gomez at the premiere of Getaway in Los Angeles on Monday.



She’s blatantly mocking Miley Cyrus… And it’s amazing!

I don’t want to sway the votes (see poll below), but I’m all for Selena Gomez.




See my post Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Hate Miley Cyrus for more on this impending feud.

Finally! We Can All Relate to Lady Gaga Now!

Lady Gaga, like the rest of the world, is excited for new Britney music on September 17!



Let the countdown to new Britney music begin!


Gaga’s like…

Yay! New Britney music in 26 days!


Britney’s like…

Aww! You’re sweet!


Gaga’s like…

So, do you like my new song “Applause”?


Britney’s like…



Gaga’s like…

It’s okay… You’re the Queen!


Britney’s like…

Duh! Obviously!

You definitely don’t have the X Factor.

It’s Britney, Bitch: “Me Against The Music”

I go through music phases where I listen to the same songs over and over again until I can’t listen to them anymore. My “repeat offenders” currently include:

Selena Gomez “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down”

Bonnie McKee “American Girl”

Betty Who “High Society” and “Somebody Loves You”

Ellie Goulding “Burn”

Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop”



After a few listens (of my already overtly gay playlists) of my “repeat offenders” playlist, I always end up adding at least one or two Britney songs. This time around, I can’t seem to get enough of In The Zone’s “Me Against The Music.”

To celebrate my current Britney fix, here’s the first official performance of “Me Against The Music” from the NFL Kickoff Live in 2004. I was a sophomore in high school.

I’d like to think this performance has some live vocals, but, come on, lets be real! Anyways, praise Godney and enjoy this “Me Against The Music” performance sans Madonna vocals.

NFL Kickoff Live

Do you remember this performance?