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New Music: Neon Jungle “Trouble”

I loved this song and the group the second they started performing during the 2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

Neon Jungle is a British girl group that hasn’t quite made it in the United States yet. Hopefully their performance during the 2013 Victoria Secret Fashion Show will create buzz and earn them some notoriety.

I’m a fan! I already can’t get enough of this song. 

Check out Neon Jungle’s “Trouble.” 


New Music: The 1975 “Chocolate”

I couldn’t understand most of what they were saying the first time I listened, but I immediately liked the beat and flow of the song. After a few more listens (and a deep dive into the lyrics), the song really grew on me.

I think my boyfriend was pretty proud of himself for introducing me to something new that isn’t Britney. He did well.

Check out The 1975’s “Chocolate.”