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Healthy Sex Education Video

Forget whatever video you saw in fifth or sixth grade… This is the only sex education video you need to see.

The video puts “porn sex” into perspective, which subsequently will make you feel much better about your own fruits and vegetables.

My key takeaway: vaginas are weird.


The Shade Continues… Selena Gomez Mocks Miley Cyrus

Forget Britney and Christina… We have a new Disney starlets feud on our hands!

Check out this image of Selena Gomez at the premiere of Getaway in Los Angeles on Monday.



She’s blatantly mocking Miley Cyrus… And it’s amazing!

I don’t want to sway the votes (see poll below), but I’m all for Selena Gomez.




See my post Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Hate Miley Cyrus for more on this impending feud.

Lady Gaga Too Tired After VMAs To Open Car Door

After Lady Gaga bust her bare ass off on the MTV VMA stage, the absolute last thing she wanted to do was open a car door for herself. 

Makes total sense, right?

Here we see her go in for the grab like a normal person until she realizes


“Fuck it, I’m Lady Gaga! I live for the applause… Get that damn door for me!”

lady gaga car door


To be fair, she was probably tired from dancing during the entire broadcast…

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Lady Gaga VMA GIFs

Finally! We Can All Relate to Lady Gaga Now!

Lady Gaga, like the rest of the world, is excited for new Britney music on September 17!



Let the countdown to new Britney music begin!


Gaga’s like…

Yay! New Britney music in 26 days!


Britney’s like…

Aww! You’re sweet!


Gaga’s like…

So, do you like my new song “Applause”?


Britney’s like…



Gaga’s like…

It’s okay… You’re the Queen!


Britney’s like…

Duh! Obviously!

You definitely don’t have the X Factor.