The Perfect Fall New York City Day Trip

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather is perfect, the foliage is beautiful and the city doesn’t smell as bad. Even still, it’s nice to get out of the city and enjoy fall as its meant to be enjoyed… Outside!

Before its too cold and the leaves have fallen to the ground, take a day trip out east to the North Fork of Long Island for pumpkin picking, wine tasting, lobster rolls and a beautiful beach sunset.

Here’s an easy, fun North Fork day trip guide:

1. On your ride out east, stop at one of the many pumpkin patches.

If you’re driving out east in the fall, you’re definitely going to pass a handful of farm stands with pumpkins, corn mazes, mums, vegetables and cows. Stop at one. We stopped at one and fed cows. It was disgusting fun!





2. Get a little buzzed at one of the North Fork’s vineyards.

There are so many vineyards to choose from in the North Fork. However, try to avoid those with limos and buses full of douche bags.



A must-visit vineyard is Croteaux Vineyard. It’s family-owned and set in an intimate backyard barn setting. It was by far my favorite of all the vineyards we visited.




Another must-visit vineyard is Kontokosta Winery. It’s a new, modern vineyard located on the water that sells affordable bottles of wine for sharing. It makes for enjoying your wine by the water easy.






3. Enjoy a lobster roll and explore Greenport Village.

Greenport Village is a quaint little town also located on the water with cute shops and restaurants. We went to Claudio’s Clam Bar and enjoyed lobster rolls, homepage potato chips and pumpkin beer.





4. Walk around Orient and stop by The Candy Man and General Store.

Orient is a quiet town located at the tip of the North Fork. It was fun to walk around and see The Candy Man, General Store, old School House and waterfront houses.




5. Enjoy the sunset at Orient Beach State Park.

Orient Beach State Park is a beautiful, relaxing place to end your day and watch the sunset. It’s also pretty romantic.




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