NYC Eats: Tartine’s Spicy Chicken with Guacamole


On Tuesday night, the boyfriend and I made a last minute decision to meet for dinner in the West Village. We ended up at Tartine, a French Bistro with outside seating (great for people watching!) and a BYOB policy. Simply put… Tartine’s food is very tasty.

I had actually been to Tartine with friends two years before and on both visits ordered the Spicy Chicken with Guacamole ($18). It’s basically like sex in your mouth. Not really, but it’s fucking good. The boyfriend had also been to Tartine before and, similarly, both times ordered the Sauteed Chicken ($20). If it aint broke, don’t fix it. Right?

All-in-all, I would highly recommend Tartine and the Spicy Chicken with Guacamole. And don’t forget it’s BYOB!

Tartine is located at 253 W 11th Street (corner of W 4th Street and W 11th Street) in the West Village.


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