Big Gay Ice Cream: Salty Pimp vs. Monday Sundae

I’m on a mission (and in no rush to finish it) to try all the cone and sundae flavors at Big Gay Ice Cream.

ROUND 1: Salty Pimp vs. Monday Sundae

Salty Pimp
Vanilla ice cream drizzled with dulce de leche and sea salt, dipped in chocolate and served on a cone.

Monday Sundae
Vanilla and chocolate twist ice cream served in a Nutella lined waffle cone with a spoon and drizzled with dulce de leche and sea salt.

Rookie mistake: I opted for no whipped cream on my Monday Sundae, which is depressing… If you’re gonna eat ice cream, you might as well just go balls to the walls and get it all. I’m really disappointed in myself.

ROUND 1 WINNER: Salty Pimp
I loved the Nutella lined waffle cone of the Monday Sundae, but I really loved the dipped in chocolate Salty Pimp.


Big Gay Ice Cream is located at 125 E 7th Street (between Avenue A and First Avenue) in the East Village and 61 Grove Street (at Seventh Avenue South) in the West Village. The West Village location, although not the original, is much larger.

For more flavors and information, visit Big Gay Ice Cream’s website.


One comment

  1. idrinkforaliving

    Anything called “Salty Pimp” has got to be good. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to try to replicate the flavors!

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