I’m A Dad: Meet George and William!

I was pretty excited when a mourning dove (pigeon) laid two eggs in an abandoned flower pot outside my living room window a few weeks ago (on July 21, 2013).


My friends Matt and Melissa watched from the couch as I stared out the window and named her Charlotte.

I so badly wanted to open the window, bring Charlotte and her two eggs inside and care for them like Amy in Fly Away Home.


Side note: I did exactly that while I was growing up in Maine around the age of 10.

Anyway, over the course of a week, Charlotte’s little eggs hatched into two (weird looking) little mourning doves. I named them George and William.


I was hoping they were going to be cute and friendly when they hatched like in Dr Suess’ “Are You My Mother?”. I was wrong.

I checked on them every morning and night for more than a week hoping to get a better (shot for Instagram) glimpse at their features, but Charlotte just kept sitting on them and sitting on them and sitting on them.


It wasn’t until today, nearly 20 days later, that I finally got to witness both Charlotte and her man, who I didn’t even know existed, feed George and William (video).

Here were my immediate thoughts (in the order they occurred):

1. This is fucking cool! And kinda disgusting.
2. Why are they bobbling like that? And what are they eating?
3. Holy shit! There are two birds! I really hope my Instavideo is working.

As much as I want to somehow connect with them, I know its not a reality. Either way, it’s been fun and very cool to see an act of Mother Nature unfold right in front of my eyes. Plus, it makes for a fun story (and blog post)!


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